Delivery from the past

посылка из прошлого
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Hello, fighter. Are you still smoking the sky? Although, today we will talk about something else. There is one task for you. Delicate, I will not hide it. But it seems you can be dealt with. Look, you trust me! As a matter of fact, I will not say anything: who, with what, why. It won’t make you any better at all. The less you know, you sleep better, and your head thinks quickly. What is the main thing for a fighter? Do everything clearly. Gape in a combat situation – count the olive tree caught. And the task is to get one parcel and take it where I tell you. It’s just one or two. But, there is one catch. You need to pull out the cargo at the Customs, and put it at the factory. Will you take it?


Firstly, you need to find the Customs office key (the easiest way to obtain it is to buy at the Flea Market). ). At the second level of the Therapist, it can be exchanged for several gold chains. You can also find it in drawers, jackets and backpacks of the dead scavs.

The path lies within the Customs. You need to find a big red building; this is the customs terminal. Go up to the second floor, open the door with a key, then knock out the second door. There will be a folder in the table, pick it up.

You must definitely leave the location alive.

Next, you need to go to the Factory. Near the main exit from the location there is a portable cabin in which you need to place this folder.

To put down an item, you need to hold down the “F” button and wait half a minute. While putting the folder down, you can not perform any actions.

Now you just need to leave the location alive.

If you die, you need to retake the folder at the Customs

Find the protected case on the map
find the place of the protected case on the map
Customs terminal

Customs terminal

Customs offices

Customs offices

Protected case in the director's office

Protected case in the director’s office

Portable cabin in the 3rd workshop of the 2nd floor

Portable cabin in the 3rd workshop of the 2nd floor

What, didn’t he screw up? You nifig berserker, hike, huh? Tarkov’s invisible horror, damn it. Do not fuss! I did it for beauty, I, too, will not stay in debt. I solved a serious problem, I did it well. And when I feel good, it means that the right people around me will not remain at a loss.
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