Hello warrior. Blow here, there is a job for you. As you know, I trade in various equipment and supplies, I send my boys to look for swag in all the outskirts of Tarkov. So, orders are now up to their throats, and it is dangerous to send my guys on a long sortie without proper protection. This is where you come to the rescue. In short, provide my guys with a safe path along the route, strain the local fighters from former PMCs so that they don’t think to climb on the guys. Now I will show you your route on the map. Remember? Well done. The catch is that all this needs to be done in one go, my guys will not wait if something happens to you. Come on, fighter, don’t let me down.


You need to kill 4 PMCs on each map without dying

It is recommended to start with Laboratory and Factory (Day). On the Shoreline, PMCs are mainly in a Health resort. There are a lot of newcomers in the Forest at the beginning of the raid in the camp at the exit of the RUAF Roadblock. At the Interchange, players at the start of the raid often loot the TECHLIGHT stores and the Dom mebeli. On the Reserve, they usually sit in the bunker at the lever for activating the extraction D-2 and at this exit itself. At the Customs they play in dormitories or at a construction site/library

Pick to the opponent with your right hand and do as few rotations on the map as possible

Below is a map of PMC spawns, if suddenly you decide to play aggressively and push spawns

Find PMC respawn spots on the Shoreline
Find PMC respawn spots on the Factory
Find PMC respawn spots on The lab
Find PMC respawn spots on the Woods
Find PMC respawn spots on the Interchange
Find PMC respawn spots on the Reserve
Find PMC respawn spots on the Customs
Ah, here is our hero! Well done, mine have already reported that everything went well. Thanks, helped out.

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