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Be healthy soldier. Tell me what things are like at the front. Skillfully handle the trunks. Praised you. And I checked it myself more than once. Well, can you handle grenades with grenades? There is little skill to work with them. Intuition and mind are still needed, otherwise it can inadvertently whip


Buy 6b43 body armor and Altyn helmet. Bring along plenty of grenades (secured container filled with them). It is desirable to have F-1 grenades, but RGDs will also work. (If you have a lot of money, you can take VOG-17 or VOG-25. These grenades have a much shorter delay before the explosion)

Go to the Factory and hope that you will meet a large number of hatchlings or poorly equipped enemies in the raid.

When meeting a hatchling, shoot him in the legs after that, throw a grenade under the helpless opponent..

If you heard some alarming shooting from a big caliber, then just try to leave the location and get into a new raid. Naturally, the key to leaving the Factory should always be with you

For this quest, you don’t have to go to the Factory. There are a lot of hatchlings on other maps. For example, in a sanatorium on the Shoreline. Usually, they try to cover rooms 222 of the east wing and 301 of the west wing. Naturally, in order to reach the sanatorium faster than a hatchling, you must have light equipment and an injector such as SJ6 stimulator

The same situation is at the Reserve. Typically, hatchlings can be found on the ground floor of a building with a drawing of a chess piece of a king or in a building with a drawing of a chess piece of a white bishop.

Well done, okay worked. Hands and feet in place, no injuries. You will be of use in this matter
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