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Hello, fighter! How do you sleep at night? Okay? But our people are not sleeping here now. Earlier, it was, you let the porters go for the night and I am sure that the guys will get where they need to, but then someone cunning got it all through, now at night all of mine are hunted as during the day. Three messengers have already fucked up. From you I want you to shoot these night warriors. You just need to be careful, there are tough fighters and they have the appropriate equipment, you can buy night vision devices not in every stall…


You need to buy a 6б47 helmet from the Flea Market or Ragman, a mount for Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount attachments, a mount for PVS-14 Norotos Dual Dovetail, and the Night Vision PVS-14 itself.

Hang it all on the helmet, pick up your equipment and go to a night factory on the floor where there are offices to camp PMCs there.

Not bad, not bad. Now they will think a hundred times before going out somewhere at night, maybe at least it will become calmer for us.

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