No place for renegades

Ренегатам тут не место
Hello warrior. I have a new assignment for you, about the base, well, the one where you conducted reconnaissance recently. In general, I do not like the fact that my boys disappeared in vain in the bunker. This is not good. It would be necessary to leave the news to the raiders so that they understand and draw conclusions. An eye for an eye, you know? Go back there and block up a few in the command post area that you found. I think they can add two plus two, understand where the wind is blowing from.

Как выполнить

You need to kill five raiders in the Reserve bunker

We leave for the Reserve, we go down to the bunker D-2. Several raiders may spawn near the command post with a small chance

There is also a chance that raiders will spawn when you activate electricity

Find the electricity activation lever on the map
Find the raiders’ habitat on the map
Lever for activating the output

Lever for activating the output “D-2”

Did a good job. I hope they will understand what’s what, and there won’t be any more right guys to blame. Get to work.
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