Perfect mediator

Идеальный переговорщик
Previous quest “Shaking up teller”
What can I say, you yourself know what a lousy time, you can not trust anyone, whoever you take – either a rat or a mole. You seem to be a good guy, fired upon in battle, you can have business with you. It often happens that you need to tell someone a couple of secret words, and for this you need a reliable person, and someone who everyone else trusts.


You need to complete the quests of all merchants except the Fence and the Jaeger.

Besides, you exchange with them a certain amount of currency and must have a level 42 character.

The fourth level of loyalty of all merchants

The fourth level of loyalty of all merchants

Well, I could have agreed right away. Okay, now it’s at least clear who to hope for, if what is required. At least there will be a guarantee that the news will reach the right ears.

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