Search mission

Поисковая миссия
Previous quest “Debut”
Greetings warrior! I have one little business for you, I hope you can help. One of my groups hasn’t been in touch for a long time. I don’t know what to think. I sent the guys into the forest to take out one valuable cargo, just when the whole mess began. I suspect that the case smells like kerosene: most likely my boys were accepted there. They got in touch only once, they only managed to say that their yuseks were running out. We need to check that with the guys, maybe someone survived. The guys drove off in several cars: some kind of truck and a loaf, I don’t think I can remember exactly now. Most likely, the yuseks are scurrying around there, too. Try to find out at least something, I will thank you, I will not offend you.


Find the missing convoy and USEC camp

Open the map below, go to the new territory in the Woods.

To find the way to the new territory, you can walk to the sawmill, which is in the center of the map, and go from the sawmill down the road on the opposite side of the lake

You are guided by the roads and power lines when you come to the new territory

Find the missing convoy on the map
Find USEC temporary camp on the map
The missing Propor's convoy

The missing Propor’s convoy

USEC temporary camp

USEC temporary camp

You say our transport has been looted and the guys are gone? It means that my boys were not lucky … And the point of yuseks is located nearby, right? Sucks, but what to do. Thank you for your help, now at least I know that you shouldn’t wait for the guys.

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