Shaking up teller

Тряхнуть кассира
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My compliments, working with an ax and a firearm. The most interesting news has come. You can easily break the jackpot, and you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. Intrigued? Listen and play with it. There is a hostel near the plant, where the brute lived alone. He ran the stores and, of course, pocketed the money. He should have a lot of good. His room is 214. But that’s not the point. I suppose you won’t really get along there, if you can find anything at all. Although he swore he did, so the devil only knows. Another piece of information has appeared recently. In addition to the main one, he also had an additional room in the hostel, 203rd. Of course, the ugly kept it a secret, and did not spread about it, as he used it as a warehouse. There really is some kind of treasure hidden – there not one of his couriers disappeared. He often sent people there to pick up something. In addition, he had a garage. I don’t know about the number, but there are definitely two digits. They checked the lists of the owners: where hundreds went, his name is not. You can also check there, suddenly, there is something. It’s a trifling matter, so take it without thinking


Buy Dorm room 203 Key at the Flea Market, or find it in file cabinets, or the bags of the dead scav.

Take 7000 roubles with you in the secured container just in case “Dorms V-Ex” will be active, so that you can pay and leave the location through an additional exit

Go to the Customs, to a three-story dormitory in room 203, where you can open the door with a key. In the room, under the bed will be a case.

Now you need to go out alive from the location and hand over the case to Prapor.

We don’t need the Dorm room 214 Key. It is indicated in the task because in this room, the key to room 203 is spawned in a mug on the bedside table, but the chance of its appearance is small.

Find a Case on the map
Case in room 203 under the bed

Case in room 203 under the bed

A car standing between the gates means that the

A car standing between the gates means that the “А-Выход” is active

Well well! This is a real bomb! No wonder he sent messengers there over and over again. It is a sin to miss such goodness.
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