Shootout picnic

Пикник со стрельбой
Previous quest “Checking”
Alive and well? Oh well done! Not everyone can boast of this these days. So you know how to do something. It is perfectly. With tactics you have knowledge, so here’s a problem for you. Do you know the sawmill area? So that’s it. There, the right people have things to do, but they are hindered by the local inhabitants, who for some reason imagined themselves to be the masters of this life. According to my information, there are no more than fifteen of these scoundrels there. And here’s another thing, what you work with me has long been known, so take the balaclava with you. I don’t want to shine. The main thing is to have the right approach as an experienced fighter and problems should not arise. What do you think about this?


Since the choice of weapons is still severely limited, you can take the SKS or the Mosin bolt-action rifle. SKS has a higher rate of fire, which will give you more rights to make a mistake. In the case of Mosin bolt-action rifle, with PS(7N1) bullets it can one-shot kill in the chest with a very high chance, but it has a very low rate of fire.

Go to the Woods and kill 15 scavs, which can be found throughout the map.

Below is a map showing their habitats. Scav kills are not taken into account when you play as scav. The Shturman and his followers go to the account of the dead scavs.

Find scav habitats on the map
Scav with SKS

Scav with SKS

Scav with Vepr-Hunter

Scav with Vepr-Hunter

How was it? Okay, don’t worry, I myself know that it’s successful. You are here, still whole, people said that they are doing well. So I have a double reward – from me and from the people I work with.

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