The Punisher. Part 2

Каратель. Часть 2
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My comrades are absolutely delighted with what you are doing. And you know, they really want to know how you will proceed further. They say that they have prepared a reward for you, even better than the old one. In addition, they add equipment to you, now you are fully charged, so keep up the good work! .. Sorry, I completely forgot, they want you to take half masks for them, the ones behind which the wild ones hide their faces. Take them off the corpses, they no longer need them, but my comrades will come in handy. I really don’t understand why they want to hide from someone. And remember, everything must be done very quickly and quietly. They must not have time to understand what is happening so that death was sudden, like a bolt from the blue. Therefore, it is necessary to act using a muffler.


As in the first part of the Punisher, you need to go to the Shoreline to kill 12 scav, but using a silencer this time.

Any weapon with a silencer is fitting, even with a built-in one (like VAL or VSS)

It is recommended to buy Vintorez. It can be used even without a receiver cover; you just have to is to attach a “OKP-7” or PSO 1M2-1 sight. You also need to buy 6l25 mags at the Flea Market (if you don’t have LL3 Prapor). SP-5 сartridges will be suitable against scavs. Such a Vintorez will cost a little more than the silencer on the AK-74

The second option is more expensive. Buy AK-74N from the Prapor and modify it. The recoil pad with PSO we buy from Prapor on the second level. Buy everything else: PBS-4, Handguard B-10, Handle VPG, and Pistol grip RK-3. 5.45×39 BT or BP ammo can be bought from the Prapor.

If you do not have the second level of the Skier, and you don’t want to but at the Flea Market, you can buy PP-91-01 «Kedr-B» with silencer at the second level of Prapor.

Below is a map of scav spawns. You should have the following route: Burning gas station next to the “Norvinsky” yacht club, hydroelectric power station, and parking next to the sanatorium.

Masks do not have to be found on the Shoreline. You can farm them at the Factory, for example, from the scavs.

Find the svavs on the map
Vintorez to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

Vintorez to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

AK-74N to complete the quest "The Punisher - Part 2"

AK-74N to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

The route to complete the quest

The route to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

Well, how did it work out? Perfectly! Here is the promised reward. Apparently, my comrades will not forget about you. So get ready!
Next quest “The Punisher. Part 3”

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