The Punisher. Part 3

Каратель часть 3
Previous quest “The Punisher. Part 2”
Well great, man. In short, my friends are clearly muddying something there. Immediately, as soon as you, there was a case, grounded the wild, they began to call me. Look, it looks like they did some kind of entertainment there. The money is raised at the rates, in short. So this is what it became, they again want you to thin out the wild, only this time in a limited time and at the Customs. I don’t know what kind of show they’ve come up with, but the money bodes well. Well, are you taking it?


We buy AKSU from Prapor at the first level, modify it (this is not necessary) and go to the Customs to kill scavs.

Find scavs habitats on the map
Budget АКСУ for the quest "The Punisher. Part 3"

Budget AKSU for the quest “The Punisher. Part 3”

Listen, you’re just the Punisher! There was talk that some monster was wiping the rabble right and left. Friends-comrades say hello and generous gifts.
Next quest “The Punisher. Part 4”

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