The Punisher. Part 4

каратель часть 4
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Yes, last time you, of course, staged a cool slaughter of the wild! Everyone is already asking me what kind of things are being done here. So, it turns out such nonsense, my friends came to an agreement with the authorities here, of course, there is no longer any, but nevertheless, they make such contractual fights, it seems like gladiatorial ones. All this shit leads to some kind of Middle Ages, of course! If to the point, then you will begin to work for them as someone like a tester. They come up with everything, and according to your actions they will correct and evaluate. To be honest, I myself don’t really understand what’s what, but they offer to continue, naturally for a reward. The enemy will now be more serious, PMC-schnicks need to be beaten, but pretend to be wild, fight in their unloading, and pull the balaclava on the face. By the way, you can at the same time shuganesh wild from a 12-gauge shotgun. I don’t understand, they want to start a third world war, now everyone will start blaming each other, eh… Will you take it?


You need to kill 10 scavs ones in the Woods, 10 PMCs on the Shoreline and find 5 Bars A-2607 knives in the raid

There shouldn’t be any scav problems, open the second level Jaeger, take the MP-153 shotgun, buy the bar, sight, “Poleva-6u” or AP-20 ammo on it and go to the Woods.

As for PMCs, buy from the Ragman a balaclava and a scav vest (The scavs vest is optional, you can use a different loadout. Most likely a bug. Patch 12.9) on the first level. Take the weapon of your choice (KRISS Vector on AP 6.3 or 7H31. Or RFB on M61 cartridges) and go to the Shoreline.

Most often, PMCs are found in sanatoriums or near the burning gas station.

You don’t have to find knives in the raid, as you can buy them from Fence or at the Flea Market. You can pick them up from the dead scavs as well.

Find scavs in the Woods on the map
PMC habitats on the Shoreline

PMC habitats on the Shoreline

Well, you are a tough guy! I have no words, keep your reward!
Next quest “The Punisher. Part 5”

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