The Punisher. Part 6

каратель часть 6
Previous quest “The Punisher. Part 5”
Hello! So, of course I want to tie up with these tasks from the Masters. In short, what is the essence of the matter, PMCs began to pinch them… And they do not want to close it all, but to appropriate themselves! It can be seen that everyone already feels that it is not long left, the roof is going thoroughly! This will be the last deal with them, I don’t want to take anything else for them. We need to thin them out globally, wherever possible around. It is not known exactly who the borzets are, so you will have to kill everyone in a row. The matter will have to be done with the SVD, so that whoever needs it, understands what the alignment is… I don’t like this, of course, but the lava is offered too curly. In general, decide for yourself.


Take the SVDS with 7N1 bullets and go to the Factory to fight against PMCs, simultaneously collecting tokens.

USEC dogtags are easier to farm on European and American servers. BEAR dogtags – on Russian servers.

One thing is to shoot wild ones, they are not people, in fact. But to blame everyone, indiscriminately… This is not the case. Take your reward now and that’s it, I gave them a hang-up. If they have already heard about you, they will need to – they will contact you.

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