The Punisher

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Once I wanted to change the world, and now the time has come. The bandits completely flew off the coils, their raids became more frequent. My business with colleagues is gradually deteriorating because of these freaks. If you want to improve your relationship with me, as well as get a good reward, help me deal with them. I will give you a Kalashnikov assault rifle, from which you must eliminate them, let them know me.


Buy AKM at the second level of Prapor. Modify it (or not) and go kill the scavs on the Shoreline.

Below is a map of scav spawns. You should have the following route: Burning gas station next to the “Norvinskyi” yacht club, hydroelectric power station, and parking next to the sanatorium.

(The assembly of weapons is indicated below, provided that at least the second level of the Skier and Prapor are available to you)

A screenshot of the modified AKM’s is also attached. Most parts are sold at the second levels of Skier and Prapor loyalty. Rear sight, butt pad can be bought from Prapor. Sight is available on the first level of the Jaeger (You can buy another from the Skier). The Skier has everything else. The recoil will not be significantly reduced. For hunting scavs, PS ammunition will be enough. It is recommended to shoot in semi-auto mode.

It’s not necessary to kill the scavs with AKM’s. Also, suitable weapons are AKMS, AKMSN, AKMN.

Find scavs on the map
AKM for level 15

AKM for level 15

The route to complete the quest

The route to complete the quest “The Punisher – Part 1”

Well done, you did a great job on them. Things are going uphill
Next quest “The Punisher – Part 2”

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