Dressed to kill

Модный приговор
Next quest “The Blood of War. Part 1”
Hello, my friend. Have you seen what’s going on? Everyone is crazy about fashion. There was no such thing even in peacetime. Give them some extraordinary things and “rags”. Straight upbrand everyone to be different from the gray mass. Not even security is grunting. And the fact that the PM is stitching through is bullshit. I don’t know what to think about it. Come on, scour the shelves and run over the dummies at the same time. Bring unusual things. There are all kinds of hats, like in westerns. You can grab our earflaps. Let them wear it.


Can be found on the killed scav.

You can also find these items on the mannequins at the Interchange.

Find mannequins on map
Well, yes, beauty will save the world.
Next quest “Gratitude”

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