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You need to “feed” one dude. Give him a little something. Let him know that Arshavir does not forget anyone. He is not a serviceman, an ordinary type. True, you cannot tell by its appearance. Lover of dressing up in something like that. Movies about the matrix have seen enough, or something. And another time, and do not understand under whom he mows. Anyway. You will leave this good in the Forest on the quay. I’ll tell him where to look. Hide in a secluded place. I don’t know, between the barrels of the sun.


But at the Flea Market or loot from the scavs the following items: Ghost balaclava, Shemagh, RayBench sunglasses and Round frame sunglasses.

Go for the Woods to the sawmill and leave the items on the dock.

Find Place for placing items on map
 Place for placing items

Place for placing items

Already informed Den. Will pick it up soon. Thank you for your help.
Next quest “Sales Night”
Next quest “Hot delivery”

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