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Знаток Резерва
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Hello Buddy! Come on in! I have business with you. On the Reserve there are several barracks in which soldiers live, and they most likely have storerooms and an arsenal. I would like to know what is left there and whether it makes sense at all to gather people for this business, or have already robbed everything. Are you going? Are you scouting the situation? It is necessary to examine all the points, I will give you a list, maybe there is still something left there.


It is necessary to find arsenals in two barracks and a duty room in the western barracks on the Reserve

The quest requires four keys: RB-OB Key, RB-ORB1 Key, RB-ORB2 Key and RB-ORB3 Key

ВIn the western barracks (Black Pawn) go to the second (Opened with the RB-ORB3 Key) and the fourth floor – check the arsenals. On the third floor, the attendant’s room (Opened with RB-OB Key)

In the northern barracks (White Pawn), go to the second (Opened with the RB-ORB2 Key) and the fourth floor (Opened with the RB-ORB1 Key)

Survive and leave location

Find all spots on the map
Western Barrack

Western Barrack

Northern Barrack

Northern Barrack

One of the closed arsenals

One of the closed arsenals

Well done, have you already looked at everything? Have you already taken a lot? It’s a pity, but such a job.

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