Living high is not a crime. Part 1

Красиво жить не запретишь
Previous quest “Sew it good. Part 3”
Salute! One dude, an acquaintance of the Reshals, recently came out to us. He was dressed with a needle, flaunted, ponted on the full program. In a word, the major. I’ve seen him before. I drove here on my behe. In general, this whole war is of little interest to him. More precisely, it is not a reason to be in poverty. He temporarily settled in some kind of shelter, and wants to furnish it, as they say, in beauty. So come on, get some jewelry, and more. And we are already solving this issue with him. By the way, the Roller watch will not be superfluous. I want to please the dandy, with such guys oh how useful it is to kentach. Trust me.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


Items must be found in the raid

All items can be found in safes at the Customs. Three-store dormitory: 204, 214. Two-store dormitory: 105, 110, 114.

You can also visit the following rooms of the sanatorium in the east wing: 306, 310, 321, 328 (Utility room), 222, 206, 205. West wing: 220

At the Laboratory: Office of the manager (Lab. Key. Manager office), security arsenal (Lab. Red keycard, Lab. key. Arsenal storage room).

Find jewelry on Shoreline
Find jewelry on the Lab
Wonderful. I’ll hand over everything.

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