Long Line

Previous quest “Supervisor”
Salam, brother, help me out. I sent my guys to Ultra today to grab some clothes, but a big group of PMCs gave them a “warm welcome”. fucking shot at my guys, and kicked them out of the mall. I’m running a damn business here, mind you! Brother, please fo and deal with those fuckers. I’ll owe you big!


You need to kill 30 PMCs in the ULTRA mall at the Interchange

Kills are counted on all floors, even in the parking lot

It is rare to find a PMC on the Interchange, which is not in a mall, but on the street. These are often exitcampers. So there shouldn’t be any problems with this quest.

Respect, brother, it is unrealistic to help out! If you see any unkind guys in Ultra, then let me know later. Maybe it will be necessary to sort it out again.

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