Only business

Только бизнес
Well, hello, if you’re not joking. Are you out of the nikes for an hour? Or a serviceman? I can’t figure it out. He is strange, although interesting. By the way, he does not care. You just do not make hasty conclusions. I breathe evenly towards the mercenaries, but the situation in the city is tense. So you want to do business with me? Don’t run ahead of the locomotive, buddy. My trust must be earned. I don’t get in touch with the first people I meet. To begin with, let’s trade, and then we’ll see.


You need to earn level 2 trust with Ragman

Buy and sell things to the Ragman until the turnover is 750,000 roubles.

Well, wedge yourself in the gang, stray! Welcome.
Next quest “Make ULTRA Great Again”
Next quest “Big sale”
Next quest “A fuel matter”

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