Sew it good. Part 3

Шить - не тужить. Часть 3
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Man, good to see you. I sew up one at all. Business has increased noticeably, but all this is for the good of our city. I am planning to start a sewing production. I will start sewing armors, unloading and holsters for pistols. We will continue to spin and spin. I don’t want to give a damn about the quality. The best fashion houses in Europe will smoke on the sidelines, ahah! And your task is the following: study this 6B43 thoroughly. We need to understand how it breaks down. You can even bring a few here. One is broken, the second is more intact. So let’s see what is inside, compare.


Go to the flea market, look for 6B43 6A, and put the filter “Condition. from 0% to 50%”. Buy the first armor.

The same is with the second body armor; only in the filter we state “Condition from 50% to 100%.”

If a bulletproof vest with a condition from 0% to 50% is too expensive, then buy a full one and go to the factory. Let the scavs shoot at you and damage the bulletproof vest so that you have less than 42.5 points of armor. You can check the Fence for this bulletproof vest.

Ок, принято.
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