Sew it good. Part 4

Шить - не тужить. Часть 4
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Oh, these armor shook a lot of nerves. But, it seems, everything worked out. You can breathe out. If I appeal again, you will not refuse help, will you? Now it’s time to feel the unloading. It will not be easy to find, I do not argue. But I believe in you completely, do not let me down, brother. Bring at least a few sets here, okay?


Must be found in raid for two Wartech shoulder straps and BlackRock chest rig unloading

The Wartech gear rig (TV-109, TV-106) and the BlackRock chest rig are often dropped from the Reshala’ squad.

You can also find them on scavs or raiders, but the chance is less.

You’re good!
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