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Remember I sent you to Ultra? You’re not blind, you’ve seen how many ticket offices are poking around in the mall. Boutiques, shops. How much money is there! Do not steal clothes there – they will spot you. But I would not refuse money. There are many ticket offices in Goshan. And you don’t have to go far. You can get a good harvest. The problem is that they are closed. But this is only a plus for you, because you will get a new business in the profile. Find me the key urgently. And I’ll give you something good again as a brother.


The item does not have to be found in the raid; you can buy it at the Flea Market the Goshan cash register key

Or you can and try finding it on the bus seat at Customs.

Find Key to Goshan cash register on map
Key to Goshan cash register

Goshan cash register key

Ay, well done!

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