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In general, straight to the point – I dug up one rat in my team, this carrion pushed the Old to the left, everything about my huts and connections. And I racked my head, what the hell. Well, my guys crushed him a little and found out that he knocked on the brigade of one, which is rubbing near the dorm at the Customs. In short, I want to give them a tip, and in the right place my guys will hide, and they will click on them on the sly. However, the linden must be vparit without noise and dust, they say, like your own, shesh? My kids hid the flash drive with the info in the charred red car; it’s on the bridge nearby. They’ll move on further … Get her out and throw her into the hostel, and at the same time the SV-98 with the Rolexes. Such a conspiracy, you know. And, most importantly, don’t touch the Wilds, get out of there without making a noise.


We buy SV-98 and Roler at the Flea Market.

When completing this quest, you cannot kill scavs until you have placed all the items. Take a partner who will clear your way from scavs. It will be easier to complete this quest with a teammate.

First, find the flash drive in the trunk of the red car, which is standing on the bridge.

Next, we go to a three-story dormitory, go to the third floor and in front of the stairs there will be a bunch of garbage. We place all the items near it.

If you placed items and met a scav, then try to run away from him or die from him

Find Fake Flash Drive on Map
Find a place to bookmark items on the map
Red car on the bridge

Red car on the bridge

False flash drive in the trunk

False flash drive in the trunk

The place for laying down the items

The place for laying down the items

It seems that everything went well, my children are already in ambush. I hope the raiders’ surprise will be awesome.
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