Chemical. Part 3

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In that envelope, well, from the hostel, besides empty words, there is a formula, sort of like a chemical one. And on the flash drive info on the chemical reaction. There is one brain here that fumbles about it So he told us that it was similar to what was on Polykhim, and there were experiments with blue garbage to which they added various rubbish. Well, I don’t understand chemistry, and I didn’t understand it at school. All this shit, reagents, valence, connections, well, it’s not mine, it’s not mine! Fuh … khe-khe. But look, I remembered something, I didn’t go in vain! Okay, not about that. It is necessary to repeat this reaction that is described there. Then everything will turn out in a new way. There is a bunch of blue garbage in the area, it is scattered in barrels, so no one knows what it is. And nobody wants to get to know her better. And we’ll take it and find out, right? Look, maybe we’ll make some money. But in order to carry out a reaction, you need to break the second shit, it is in theory at the plant. There is a room completely filled with a pile of laboratory rubbish. Your target is a bright yellow syringe, looks like a pen, small, well, like with morphine type. Got it?


Go to the Factory.

Go to the third floor of the offices and knock out the first door after the locked armored door.

To the right there is a file cabinet.

Syringe in the second top drawer on the left.

Find a syringe with a reagent on the map
Card file with a syringe

Card file with a syringe

A drawer from which a syringe with a reagent sticks out

A drawer from which a syringe with a reagent sticks out

Okay. It remains to go far away, let them go about their business. And we will see later
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