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Come in, if you come, there is a case! The results were obtained from the cameras that you installed in the district. It turned out to find those people who are not in the last count of the Wilds. I plan to feed them a little so that the greyhound disappears. They are already completely gone from the coils, bastards. They kill everyone indiscriminately, bitches, they dispersed all my clients. These thieves do not work in one gang, each needs his own grease. At the moment, we have done so to give each of three chains, and then we’ll see … Unfortunately, I don’t have chains for each yet, but I know that you are a clever guy. If you need it, you can find it yourself without any problems. Where the bookmarks are, I will definitely show you. Do not forget that at the Interchange you need to clean the territory from PMCs at a certain time. They prevent the right people from getting to the bookmarks.


We take four gold chains from the Skier and buy five more at the Flea Market.

You can also find chains in the Sanatorium. East wing: 310, 206; West wing: 220.

If, after placing the chain, a “place” window does not appear again, open and close the inventory.

At the Interchange, chains are placed in the Generic Shop, in front of the mannequin and weapon safe there will be green boxes with a bed. Place the chains near the bed.

Go to the Customs on the third floor of the dormitory. In the kitchen (opposite to rooms 313 and 315) on the table are two microwaves, place the chains near them.

Only the Woods remains. Go to the sawmill to three portable cabins. In the cabin number two, you should place the golden chains near the far bed.

Find the place of the bookmark under the mattress on the map
Find the place of the bookmark in the microwave on the map
Find a bookmark location on the map
Generic Shop. Lay near the sunbed

Generic Shop. Lay near the sunbed

Microwave in the dormitory

Microwave in the dormitory

The second portable cabin at the sawmill. Placing point by the far bed

The second portable cabin at the sawmill. Placing point by the far bed

The wild ones have gone a little now, the main thing is that the brothels are not too high and the price is not overstated. These are not your problems! Everything that was needed, you did for beauty!
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