Friend from the West. Part 2

Друг с запада. Часть 2
Previous quest “Friend from the West. Part 1”
Listen, since you and I are on you, maybe it’s time to talk about the cool deeds of the cool guys. Remember my previous gear mission? The Peacemaker ordered this business. I think you know him – the pepper is famous. The dude himself from the UN contingent supposedly establishes world peace. Haha, word noodle lovers on an empty stomach! I have been working with this rascal from the very beginning of the whole mess, I don’t have to get bored: either throw things, then make some noise, and somewhere completely soak someone. There is no time to rest, damn it. Simply put, continuous hemorrhoids. That’s why he’s looking for cool walkers like you. Ash tree stump, I’m in the stake. If you are a smart guy, then you realized that you will have to pay for the chance to work in the team of a foreign godfather. Yes, and do not wrinkle your forehead. Unfasten 6 “green” mowers for me and you will get access to all the delights of the bourgeois world.


We buy the missing amount of dollars from the Peacekeeper and transfer it to the Skier.

Completing this quest unlocks the Peacekeeper’s quests

Keep it up! The ruble is drowning in shit, and the buck is flying into the skies like a space rocket, haha. Wait for the call from the Peacemaker, fucking rambo.
Next quest “Lend lease”
Next quest “Informed means armed”
Next quest “Fishing Gear”

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