Kind of sabotage

Своего рода саботаж
This quest is related to “Supply plans”
Information has reached me here that you are planning to give some folder to our medic. You must understand yourself that we are doing business here. I have a personal interest in spoiling her business. This is a kind of sabotage, do I understand correctly? Bring me the folder, you know you won’t be offended. You will get the money you need, and our trust will be much better. Why do I need it? Don’t be stupid, you will understand yourself. I open multiple branches, as if I plan to increase the mass. A good hawka, using my schemes, will fly like hot cakes. Something we started talking to you. Well, come on, I’m here, if anything, I’m waiting for a folder and making money for you.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


When the quest is activated Supply plans, the task Kind of sabotage appears from the Skier. The Skier will ask you to give him the folder.

Go to the sawmill to the portable cabin number 3. Under the bed, there will be a folder that is required for completion of the quest.

You need to get out alive and give the folder to the Therapist.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you give it to the Skier. If you fail to complete the quest Kind of sabotage the reputation of the Skier will be decreased by 0.3 (Against -0.1 for Therapist, if you don’t give her the folder). In addition to everything, the Skier offers a more worthy reward

Find Secure Folder 0052 on the map
The third change house

The third change house

Protected folder 0052 under the bed

Protected folder 0052 under the bed

Here you go. Well done! Get what I promised you. Come on, if anything, on the phone.

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