Loyalty buyout

Выкуп доверия
Previous quest (In case of failure) “Chemical. Part 4”
What people. You scoundrel gave me trouble. I even began to think about sending my people after you, and get rid of such a fraer. But since you bastard came yourself, then obviously for a reason, maybe we will solve all the disagreements. Begging my forgiveness like two fingers on the asphalt, give it to me and I will forget about it as a misunderstanding.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


You can get this quest by failing the Chemical. Part 4 quest.

Give Skier 1000000 roubles.

It’s good to deal with smart people, let’s pretend that nothing happened. It’s like we’ve met for the first time. Okay, we’ll cross again.

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