Rigged game

Игра на верняк
Previous quest “Anesthesia”
Hey serious. Come, there is one thing to do with you. One bird whispered to me in secret about your dealings with Prapor. Like, you took drugs for him from a certain Orderly. Well, why did you strain so immediately? I am not interested in this nonsense, however, as well as who and what is doing here. Moreover, this is not my problem. Let Prapor have a headache, how to collect drugs and hide it more reliably. And I have another proposal for you. You already got your money from that case? And how do you look at how to weld on this business one more time? It won’t take you a lot of time – count, you can do it in a couple of minutes. It will be good for me and you will have more in your pockets. In short, listen to me carefully. To earn money, you must discreetly place beacons in the containers of that huckster (Orderly), which are in his caches.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


We take three markers from the Skier and go to the shore. You need to go to the honey containers with medicine near the bloody tables from the quest Anesthesia and hold F

The first medical container behind the closed cottage

The second medical container is located between the west and east wings of the sanatorium by the ambulance.

The third medical container is located at the entrance to the Norvinsky yacht club

Find a container at the sanatorium on the map
Find a container at the cottages on the map
Find a container on the pier on the map
Medical container at the sanatorium

Medical container at the sanatorium

Medical container at the cottages

Medical container at the cottages

Medical container on the pier

Medical container on the pier

Wow, cool! There are no words! The game started! We finally get to know all of Prapor’s tricks. Stopudovo, they are stuffed to capacity with swag. Volines, broads, boletus and grubs – this will be a real thrill! But we’ll manage without you – I’m sorry, buddy, this is purely our business. And to you, of course, thanks from us.
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