Silent caliber

Тихий калибр
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Hello, hello, if you’re not joking. How is your life? Often we have neighbors here. With a cannon, you clear the world from all the stench of the walking. But how is it necessary? Correctly, efficiently and without unnecessary hype. Roll on your mustache, rookie! 12 gauge is a thing! Fuck knows why others didn’t like him. Yuseks and ankle boots will not take such stuff into their paws. And I will say so. kid’s caliber! Clearly, aptly, but with a silencer – so generally a song. A funeral march for all sorts of scum, ha ha. You sneak up close and it’s in the bag. And who will prove it? On, practice, it will not be superfluous. In the meantime, I’ll think about your talents with little thoughts.


Buy a shotgun, attach a silencer on it and go for the kill.

The fastest way to complete this quest is at the Factory.

The budget equipment will consist of MP-153 with a silencer, a scope, and an enlarged magazine.

If you have a lot of money, then you can try and put modifications on “Saiga”, but there is little sense of doing it.

AP-20 armor-piercing ammo recommended.

MP-153 with a silencer

MP-153 with a silencer

And you’re good, look! I respect you. If there is any topic, I will contact you.

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