What are you rubbing here? Who it? Looking for a job? Ha! Would you like paid sick leave and two vacations a year, or will any of them do? Give him a job! Okay. I need class 6 armor, but I can see from the face that you can’t pull the task. So listen and remember the following. It is necessary to collect new guys. Trunks are simpler, armor too. There is no need to fly into a pretty penny. You can go. Bring the TOZs and the white armored men, okay? Just look at me! I will only accept normal things, without any crap from the outside. Don’t poke your nose where you don’t need to and don’t cheat with me. From the raid, drag them right here. Don’t worry about the dough. I will not offend. If you do the little thing, we’ll talk about your employment, ha! And now we have nothing more to bother about.


You need to find in raid Module-3M bodyarmor and TOZ-106 bolt action shotgun

For the item to be marked “found in the raid” you need to get the “Survived” status. To do this, you need to earn more than 600 experience (it is enough to kill two scavs in the head) in the raid or so that 10 minutes have passed from the beginning of the raid, well, and leave the location alive

Try to go as a scav several times to the Factory and find a scav with the white armor or a gun

This bulletproof vest often spawns in the village on the Woods

Module-3M bodyarmor can be craft in hideout in the Lavatory level 2

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Lavatory 2 lvl

Aramid fiber cloth
Ripstop cloth
54 min x1
Module-3M bodyarmor
Find a village in the Woods
Did you bring it? Cool! Okay, we’ll work with you some more. Keep your reward as promised! I remembered your birth, so you can safely visit. Throwing things up often, but different. But good workers are hard to find. So do your best and everyone will be happy.
Next quest “The Extortionist”

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