“Vitamins”. Part 2

Витамины. Часть 2
Previous quest “”Vitamins”. Part 1″
Come on, come in now. A notable problem has emerged. Well, you brought me the containers that time, but what is inside? Where is the Baikal drink? What kind of setup? My boys opened the containers, and they gawked so concretely that soon the skates will be thrown away. Serious shit was lying there, I feel the seventh vertebra! If only I could get some information about this! But no, nothing is clear at all. Complete game is going on! Look here, I thought so: we urgently need chemical equipment. Something like these … how are they? Restaurateurs? No! Well, such crap, it is still put on the face, so as not to breathe any snowstorm and not give oak. Find these clowns, and take what has been said from their laughter! You can bring it here right away, without delay. Now every minute counts. The wild in Tarkov walk around in them like complete idiots. They are so safe from bullets, ha ha ha! What’s going on with their brains there, don’t you know? Here I am in shock. One more thing! Be sure to keep the blood transfusion kits for me, and take them in reserve. It is necessary to save the boys. Look where you want, not my problem. Though the earth is swarming with teeth, but find it.


Go to the raid to the Factory as scav and look for a scav bot with a respiratory mask. Kill him and take the mask.

It is easiest to buy a blood transfusion kit at the Flea Market or find it at the medicine spawn site. For example, on the Reserve in the medical unit (white elephant), first floors of the sanatorium or in medical bags.

A Medical bloodset can be made in the hideout at the Medstation level 2

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Medstation 2 lvl

Silicone tube
Disposable syringe
27 min x1
Medical bloodset
This is what you need! I hope my boys wake up quickly. They have spoiled their health, of course, but what is left?

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