What’s on the flash drive?

Что на флешке
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Seen and healthier, although not often! Ha ha! In general, do not care. Listen. There is a cover. And why are you staring at me like that, huh? What problems? Well, yes, fate threw it behind bars, and more than once, why the hell to stare like that now? The first time a youngster thundered, the second – a hooligan. Not the worst thing. Still have questions? Well, glorious! And then I’m tired here to perk up in front of you. Give him yambas and chorea. So, about the tattoo… the case may be interesting. I know there is one grunt here, so he spun all the funny drunk. There were Contract Wars, and he provided the escort of special groups. Some big bumps, not otherwise. They were hiding from the soldiers, and they avoided the trailblazers. Well, the stump is clear, how is it normal to deal with them? The dogs are lousy. Among the warriors, there are normal types, but you have to send the fuck up sledakov without thinking. In short! I played several such games. And as soon as these types threw bones at a halt, the bastard wasted no time. Tyril their little things in black. So he also swore, an infection, that 2 flash drives whistled. To know if it’s true or not. And if so, what was lying on them? Personally, I don’t know. And with this drunkenness it is already useless to sharpen the fringes. He’s crooked in the trash. Nikhrena doesn’t remember! Not a place, not to accept any. Dips in the head are specific. But these types are really important persons, accompanied by guards, they walked. Maybe the khanurik is not lying. In short! Let’s go scour all the campgrounds there. There who just did not go, the stump is clear! But still, look carefully. What if you find what?


A secure flash drive must be found in raid

Flash drives can most often be found inside safes.

There are a large number of safes at the Customs. You need to buy the following keys from the Customs at the flea market: 105, 110, 114, 204, 214, customs offices key and the cabinet key. Safe in each room

You can also check drawers. There are a lot of them on the Reserve

Sometimes they stick out of the system blocks

The Secure Flash Drive can be crafted in the Hideout at the Level 2 Intelligence Center

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Intelligence Center 2 lvl

Broken GPhone
Broken GPhone X
SSD drive
34 h 13 min x3
Secure Flash drive
Find safes at Customs
Find drawers on the Reserve


USB stick sticking out of the computer

USB stick sticking out of the computer

Three drawers

Three drawers

Oh! And he said, there is nothing! There may be empty ones, of course. Have to check. But even if it’s empty, don’t worry about paying! Everything will be tip-top.
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