An apple a day – keeps the doctor away

В здоровом теле-здоровый дух
Previous quest “Health Care Privacy. Part 3”
Oh, you again? Has the health started up? Of course, it’s time to think about yourself. I can offer some very cool foreign vaccines, but you know – sanctions and all that. Obtaining these gizmos was oh so difficult, so it would have to be a big price to pay. However, as you wish. What is the main thing for you – loot or health?

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


When accepting the quest «Health Care Privacy. Part 4», the quest opens An apple a day – keeps the doctor away. The Therapist will ask for 400 thousand rubles; as a reward, you will receive 2 skill levels. It is better to give money at level 8 of Health, because there will be one more task (Athlete) for upgrading this skill, but to level 10.

Give the Therapist 400 000 rubles.

Well, have you made a decision? Just two injections. Here and here. Now rest for at least a couple of days and do not forget to take vitamins.

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