Colleagues. Part 1

Коллеги. Часть 1
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Hello. The situation is very difficult. This means that everyone who has at least some experience in medicine matters to us. Such people are now just a godsend! Especially when it comes to real doctors. They are worth their weight in gold to us. And the medic finally showed up. Information has reached me that the person we need is helping the locals on the coast. Constantly supplies them with drugs, heals. I hired a few negotiators and sent them straight there. The goal of my people is to find a doctor practicing on the coast as soon as possible, to talk with him about the conditions that will completely suit him. But all my groups for some reason disappeared without a trace. It was not possible to get in touch with any of them. And these drugs are extremely important. I’m afraid we can’t do without them. Therefore, people must be sent on a mission. I’d like to know what really happened.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


Go to the Shoreline. It is necessary to approach the corpses, which are covered with rags. All this needs to be done in one raid without deaths

The group at the sanatorium is located near the helicopter between the west and east wings.

The group on the pier is opposite the entrance to the Norvinsky yacht club

And the last group behind the closed cottage

Find a group sent to a sanatorium
Find a group directed to the pier
Find a group directed to the cottages
Group directed to the sanatorium

Group directed to the sanatorium

Group directed to the pier

Group directed to the pier

Group directed to the cottages

Group directed to the cottages

Is that really true? I can not believe it! Are all my groups completely destroyed? Why did this happen? After all, they had to behave quietly, calmly, not to get involved in conflicts, not to engage in battle. That is, they did not attract attention in any way. They were just humble negotiators willing to offer a trade deal on very good terms. Apparently, something went wrong during the negotiations. Well, that’s a shame. We’ll have to look for another way out!
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