Colleagues. Part 2

Коллеги. Часть 2
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So, it is very difficult for me because all my people were brutally killed on the coast. But I’m not going to give up anyway. A new channel for the supply of medicines is vital for us. So I had a different plan. Hope it works. And I have already begun to act in this direction. He instructed his assistant to find a pliable coastal dweller. Fortunately, he succeeded. A local bribed by an assistant told us some very interesting facts. The doctor we are trying to contact is called the Medic on the coast. It has several points, and even has its own guard. True, it is quite small. It is hard to imagine, but he manages to perform operations right in the open air. Moreover, the orderly does not seem to have a special place for storing surgical instruments. He simply leaves them in nearby buildings. Your job is to make the doctor compliant. He must agree to our terms. So try to bring your tools here as soon as possible. Let the Medic see that control of the territory can pass to us. And we can interfere with his established business whenever we want.

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


Purchase Cottage back entrance key at the flea market and go to the Shoreline

The ophthalmoscope is in the locked cottage, we open it with a key. We go up to the second floor and in one of the rooms in a flower pot there will be a quest item on the table

The surgical kit marked with a blue symbol is located on the second floor of the Norvinsky yacht club on the closet

We leave the location alive and give the items to the Therapist

Find Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope on map
Find surgery kit, marked with a blue symbol on map
Sanitar's ophthalmoscope

Sanitar’s ophthalmoscope


Surgery kit, marked with a blue symbol

Do you already have the tools? Well, great! Thank you very much. Hide them in that box over there. It is not known where they managed to visit. I think they will have to be handled carefully. It immediately becomes clear that the conditions of the orderly are really difficult. Everything is covered in blood, terrible unsanitary conditions. Now it’s up to me. Again, I’ll turn to that local from the coast that my assistant found. I would like to ask you to give the orderly these instruments and a letter with them. Then, I hope, he will understand exactly what we need from him.
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