Decontamination service

Decontamination service
Previous quest “Health Care Privacy. Part 5”
Previous quest “Private clinic”
I have a very scrupulous business for you. There is a gang called the Wilds in the Interchange area. I must tell you that they are the real villains. It seems to me that without them the world will become much calmer. However, there is one very important point – you must wear a chemical respirator and a ZM body armor (ZM Module body armor, respirator mask). You must think that this is, in a way, part of the reeducation. Maybe these bad people, with our help, will take the path of correction. One way or another, but they need to be made aware of who is destroying them. That is why the distance between you should be minimal.

This quest can be accepted after completing “Health Care Privacy. Part 5” and “Private clinic”


We need to kill 40 scavs wearing a respirator mask from a range less than 60 meters

We buy a respiratory mask (you can also use GP-5 and GP-7 masks) at the flea market, the rest is optional

The easiest way is to kill the scavs in the center of the mall on the first floor.

Below is a map showing the route of the easiest way to kill scavs

The route is marked in green, which is dangerous, but after running along it you can find many scav

Blue – the route is safer, but finding scavs will be more difficult

In short, if you are close to points of interest (Electronics Stores, Killa), the higher the chance of dying.

Also, do not forget about the parking level of the shopping center and power station. There, too, you can find scavs

Find the habitat of the scavs on the map
The easiest route to find and kill Scavs

The easiest route to find and kill Scavs

Have you done everything already? Apparently, our plan worked, as their leaders spoke completely differently. And you shouldn’t judge me harshly. Because in this world, it is necessary to find a common language even with such scoundrels.

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