Disease history

Медицинский журнал
Previous quest “Pharmacist”
Good afternoon young man. I just need someone like you right now. I have heard that a new vaccination against a rare strain of influenza virus was being tested at the reserve base, officially… what was actually tested there, I cannot tell you, but TerraGroup is somehow involved in this. The results of these tests can prove to be very valuable, for humanity… and for a group of people from abroad. We need to find them, so go to the state reserve base and find medical logs of observation of patients, they should be in one of the closed rooms of the medical unit. Will you take it? And of course, you will receive gratitude for your efforts.


It is necessary to find two journals on the Reserve and hand them over to Therapist

Both journals are located on the second floor of the hospital (Building with a drawing of a chess piece of a white bishop) behind closed doors

To access the rooms you need RB-KSM key and RB-SMP key

The first journal (RB-KSM) lies on the shelf on the left, on the shelf below

The second journal (RB-SMP) lies on the floor between the cabinets on the right

Next, you need to leave the location alive and hand over the journal to Therapist

Find journals on map
The first journal on the rack

The first journal on the rack

Second journal on the floor between the cupboards

Second journal on the floor between the cupboards

Were you able to get it? Thank you very much. Of course, these documents will be used for the good, you can trust me.

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