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Hello again. I always try to stock up on products with a long shelf life. I don’t have enough meat now, especially canned food. Can you do the service? We need to get 15 pieces of stew for the future. Don’t worry, you won’t have to puzzle over where to get it. I know where she might be. The wild ones at the gas station near the factory have a warehouse. There might well have been their supplies. And in the hostels there is a whole store with food, you can look else there. I only need stew, whatever you find except it, you can take it for yourself. Food doesn’t hurt in our time, right? I know that these gangs are in close contact with each other. To stop the thefts from warehouses by their own people, the heads of the gangs exchanged keys to their warehouses. So, I think you shouldn’t have any problems with penetration. Good luck.


You need to find 15 cans of beef in the raid.

It is recommended to look for them in the ration supply crates on the Reserve

They can be found in sports bags, in dead scavs, etc.

You can also to visit the Interchange, specifically the «Goshan» store.

In this store on shelves, you can find a lot of provision, among which there is a can of beef.

2-3 cans of beef per raid is considered a good result.

A can of beef can be crafted in the hideout in the Nutrition unit level 2

Required itemsTime of creationResult
Nutrition unit 1 lvl

Can of delicious beef stew
Squash spread
Rye croutons
1 h 18min x2
Can of beef stew
Find ration supply crates in the Reserve
Find provisions in Goshan at the Interchange
«Goshan» store at the Interchange

«Goshan» store at the Interchange

Recommended searching zone

Recommended searching zone

Wow, now meat products will finally appear in our diet. My people will be delighted! Thank you very much, helped out, kind person.
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