Health Care Privacy. Part 2

Врачебная тайна. Часть 2
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You helped me a lot with the cars. It’s good that you weren’t late, and these Dikim didn’t manage to stop you. But there is more. After examining the ruins of the collapsed tunnel, we found the Gelendvagen of the Terragrup leadership. Most likely, some top managers of the company did not manage to evacuate and died. I was told that the company was engaged in medical research, and they probably did not manage to take everything out in a hurry. I am sure their works are of great value for the whole world. We are also very interested in them, because thanks to them we can get a ticket from Tarkov, or maybe more than one. Several medical issues confronted us with Terragroup employees, and I know a thing or two about the company. I even have a friend from Gelendvagen who handed over reports to the management. He lived in a sanatorium. I even wrote it down somewhere. Wait a second… here… 306 number. Try to find out if there is something left there?


Buy the West wing room 306 key and go to the Shoreline.

Go to the sanatorium and open the 306 room.

On the windowsill on the left will be the desired folder, pick it up.

Now, you just need to get out alive from the location.

Find a folder on the map
Secure case for documents number 0060

Secure case for documents number 0060

Familiar handwriting… definitely the doctor’s hand. Thank you for your help.
Next quest “Health Care Privacy. Part 3”

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