Health Care Privacy. Part 3

Врачебная тайна. Часть 3
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Awful, two corpses… This is no coincidence. Although, what is there to be surprised at? The documents you found point to serious research being done in the field of immunology. It seems that physicians have achieved significant success in this direction. The studies were supervised, based on the signature, by the head of the medical service of the sanatorium. This is a very elderly man, I saw him several times at the day of the medical worker. He is a serious scientist and loves nature. He often spends time in the woods, prefers to relax away from the bustle of the laboratory, drives a white minivan. Observing the success, I believe that his experiments have long been in humans. This approach is accepted in the medical environment. Oh, these amazing scientists! I advise you to find his car, and if you find a sample of his blood, it will be just fine.


Go to the Forest.

You need to find the van, which stands at the sawmill, a little bit drove into the lake.

Approach him and try to take a blood sample on the right door of the van by pressing “F”.

All you have to do next is to get out alive.

Find van on the map
Van near the lake

Van near the lake

The door of the machine with which the blood sample is taken.

The door of the machine with which the blood sample is taken.

It is a pity that we have to follow the bloody tracks. I’ll send them for analysis.
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