Health Care Privacy. Part 4

Врачебная тайна. Часть 4
Previous quest “Health Care Privacy. Part 3”
This quest is related to “An apple a day – keeps the doctor away”
Greetings, noble man. Your agility is worthy of a standing ovation. But you should take care of yourself. It is very easy to lose health, especially in such troubles. I forgot to tell you that the blood samples you got can be dangerous. My mistake. Have you had any open wounds lately? Do you wash your hands regularly? Fortunately, God knows how long these materials have been lying in the open air, I hope nothing will happen. Still, I highly recommend that you take care of yourself and your health before anything irreparable happens. To successfully and without problems evacuate people from Tarkov, it will take a lot of forces. We can’t let you get sick before we can leave.


When accepting the quest «Health Care Privacy. Part 4», the quest opens An apple a day – keeps the doctor away. The Therapist will ask for 400 thousand rubles; as a reward, you will receive 2 skill levels. It is better to give money at level 8 of Health, because there will be one more task (Athlete) for upgrading this skill, but to level 10.

To enhance your Health skill, you need to take the following actions: throw grenades, travel long distances, walk with overload, receive fractures, bleeding, and damage.

Honor and praise to you. Take care of yourself.
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