Hippocratic Vow

Клятва Гиппократу
Previous quest “Car repair”
Previous quest “Stirrup”
Greetings, dear. As a medical professional, it is clear to me that the Hippocratic Oath must be adhered to even in such conditions. So I caught fire with the idea of ​​opening my hospital, I need to control my health, especially in such a difficult time. But where to get all the necessary tools and equipment? I can’t do it. I wrote a list of what I need. To avoid competitors appearing, keep it secret that you are looking for devices, there is no need for unnecessary conversations. Try to get the equipment quietly and without talking about it. Of course, for the work done, you will receive a reward from me..

Completing this quest is not required to open the quest “Collector”


This quest appears if you have completed the quests Stirrup and Car repair. Also, your reputation with the Therapist must be less than 0.6

You need to buy 500 dollars from the Peacekeeper and give it to Therapist.

Have you got it all? Okay, put it in the corner. Be careful with the technique, it is easy to damage it. Secretly, even if things don’t work out with the clinic, I know those who will need this equipment. Do not waste the good obtained with such labor, in vain, right?

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