Out of curiosity

Простое любопытство
This quest is related to “Chemical. Part 4”
This quest is related to “Big customer”
Young man, I became aware of your collaboration with a certain Skier. I must honestly admit that I can no longer remain silent. I am compelled to inform you about the selfishness of this person, his dishonest intentions and that I have great concern about this. Of particular concern is the information that has come down to me about the conduct of secret and dangerous experiments. The experiments concern the testing of a substance, which in certain circles is called the yellow reagent. I am writing to you with a big request and I am ready to pay generously for your help. I need to receive information about the route of movement of transport, which is planned to deliver the dangerous goods. The detailed details of your dealings with the Skier are known to me, and the discovery of the information that interests me will serve the benefit of our people.


The quest appears when you accept the Skier quest Chemical. Part 4

You need to tag the reagent machine.

Take a marker from the Skier and go to the Customs to one of the covered hangars near the Scav checkpoint.

Near the end of the hangar, there will be a «Gazel» You need to mark it.

Get out of the location alive.

The main problem for people performing this quest is choosing which merchant to take this quest to.

It is highly recommended to take it to the Skier since his quest for redemption of loyalty is more expensive than that of others.

Find a transport with chemicals
Hangar in which there is the «Gazel»

Hangar in which there is the «Gazel»

The «Gazel» itself

The «Gazel» itself

Sumptuously! The skier will be unpleasantly hit, but everyone will be better off if dangerous stuff gets to reliable people and is under their control.

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