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I have a case for you. Do not refuse me, dear friend, I am generously paying for your work! Do you know the small hostel where the bandits live? There, on the ground floor, there used to be a medical assistant working at a factory. Can’t remember the room number. In short, this paramedic has always been distinguished by his great interest in work, and has worked tirelessly throughout his practice. After that he wanted to go to St. Petersburg, to the Military Medical. So… when we were with him, I noticed a safe in his room. The guy explained to me that there was one new medical device that the company had given him. Later he tried to leave the city, driving his blue nine with St. Petersburg numbers. But I don’t know if he succeeded or not. Someone told me that he fell into the hands of the military or got stuck at a gas station. In short, I need this device from the safe. It is not an hour, and you might want to use that device. Don’t get me wrong, anything can happen. I hope, of course, that this does not happen. But you try to find it anyway. By the way, Arshavin and I are both gifts in this matter. He, too, has something to offer you. But if you do the job. Good luck, we’re counting on you.


Take with you 7000 rщubles in your secured container in case the “Dorms V-Ex” exit is active so that you can pay for the fare and leave the location through an additional exit.

Buy the dorm room 114 Key at the Flea Market or find it in a jacket in the trunk of a car at a checkpoint on Customs.

We go to the room 114 in the two-story dormitory. There will be a carbon case on the safe. Pick it up.

Get out alive and give it to the Therapist.

Find the dorm room 114 Key on the map
Find a case with the device on the map
Dorm room 114 Key in the trunk of the car

Dorm room 114 Key in the trunk of the car

carbon case on the safe in room 114

Carbon case on the safe in room 114

Dorms V-Ex

Active “Dorms V-Ex” at the dormitory. You can leave by car by paying 7000 roubles

It is very pleasant to do business with you
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