Postman Pat. Part 2

Почтальон Печкин, ч. 2
This quest is related to “Postman Pat”
Hello! Comrade Warrant Officer told me that you can establish contact and find that very lost letter. How wonderful! I’ll wait!


Go to the Factory and find a small concrete room with a window.

Inside the room will be dead scav. This is the messenger, under his jacket, near the collar , there will be a letter. Take it.

Next, you need to leave the location alive and give the letter to the Therapist.

Find a messenger on the map
Concrete room with a messenger's corpse

Concrete room with a messenger’s corpse

Corpse of a messenger with a letter

Corpse of a messenger with a letter

Thank you! It turns out that Prapor advised me for a reason as a decent and responsible person.

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