Private clinic

Частная клиника
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Greetings, my dear. As a medical professional, it is clear to me that the Hippocratic Oath must be adhered to even in such circumstances. That’s how I got the idea to open my own hospital, as it is necessary to control our health, especially in such difficult times. But where to get all the necessary tools and equipment? I can’t afford it. I wrote a list of what I need. To avoid competition, keep it a secret that you are looking for appliances, unnecessary talk is unnecessary. Try to get the equipment quietly and without spreading the word. Of course, you will be rewarded by me for the work done.


An ophthalmoscope is common to find in the sanatorium on the Shoreline. You can find it in several places: in the east wing in room 313 on the boxes and room 226 in the closet. In the west wing, look for container in room 301 and table in room 304.

Finding LEDX is a bit more complicated. Despite a large number of spawn places, it has a meager chance of appearing.

It is recommended to craft LEDX in Medstation level 3

You can search on the Shoreline in the sanatorium (Below is a map with all the spawns of the LEDXs).

At the Interchange LEDX is spawned in a room locked with the ULTRA medical storage key. But in very rare cases, it can be in the spawn area of the medications themselves. It is recommended to check such stores as EMERCOM, Mantis and Tarzdrav.

Besides, do not forget about the laboratory, but the chance of finding it there is very small.

You can craft LEDX Skin Transilluminator in Medstation level 3:

RequirementsTime of creationResult
Medstation level 3

Portable defibrillator
38h 53m x1
LEDX Skin Transilluminator
Find LEDX on Shoreline
Find LEDX on Interchange
Find LEDX in The Lab
Have you got it all? Okay, put it in the corner. Be careful with the technique, it is easy to damage it. Secretly, even if things don’t work out with the clinic, I know those who will need this equipment. Do not waste the good obtained with such labor, in vain, right?
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