Sanitary Standards. Part 1

Санэпиднадзор. Часть 2
Previous quest “Shortage”
Hello. I have an important task for you. This applies to everyone who lives, or rather survives on our land. Do you know where the chemical plant is located? It doesn’t matter what they once traded there, and what is happening there now. I know that there is an owner there, and someone is trying to take over the plant. I have every reason to believe that chemicals are being poured into the river from the plant. And due to the fact that we have no connection with the outside world, we must drink poisoned water. Are you digging? Even filters do not save, the substances are very toxic. The situation is critical. If you leave everything as it is, people will soon die out – you won’t even need to use weapons. To confirm my suspicions, I need to get evidence. I think you can do it. In the workshops of the plant, near the water pumps, there are radio and gas analyzers. Take their testimony. The device you need is in a small room in the workshops.


The gas analyzer can be found with a small chance in the drawers or jackets

It’s better to look for them at the Interchange in the OLI store. In the center of the store, closer to the cash desks, there are several racks where you can find more than one GasAn.

If you are not lucky, then you should visit electronics stores: Tehno-spektr, Rasmussen, German, TTS, IDEA utility room, TECHLIGHT and Power Station offices.

In stores, pay attention to racks, tables, shelves, etc.

Even if you don’t find a GasAn, the chance to find something valuable for hideout or a video card, and the raid will be successful.

Access to the pumping station is not necessary.

For the next quest, you will need to find two more gas analyzers in the raid. So if you find extra ones, take them.

raid on the scav in electronics stores

Scav raid in electronics stores. Route: Power station offices -> IDEA utility room -> TTS -> German -> Rasmussen -> Tehno-spektr -> TECHLIGHT -> OLI

Find electronics at the Interchange
Find Gas analyzers in “OLI” on the map
Find “Tehno-spektr” on the map
Find “TECHLIGHT” on the map
Find “Rasmussen” on the map
Find “German” on the map
Find “TTS” on the map
Find “IDEA” utility room on the map
Find Power station on the map
You just made it. Completed a mission of vital importance, thank you. Now we will quickly find out the truth.
Next quest “Sanitary Standards. Part 2”

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