Sanitary Standards. Part 2

Санэпиднадзор. Часть 2
Previous quest “Sanitary Standards. Part 1”
Good day! Thank you for stopping by. Today only for you there is a job that is familiar to you. Our specialists have successfully neutralized the leakage of chemicals from an enterprise that manufactures products with chemical components. But, unfortunately, the water is not completely purified, although in fact only impurities of oil products remained in it. There is an assumption that this circumstance is directly related to the fuel oil storage located not far from the enterprise. It is impossible to pass by it, since a large pipe is visible there. The production premises are equipped with gas analyzers that were produced at the factory, the only exception is theft of devices. It is recommended to purchase devices for recording oil indicators so that problems with water are excluded.


The quest repeats the previous one, Sanitary Standards. Part 1

Only now you need to find two gas analyzers in the raid.

Thank you for responding to help and risking a lot, for the common good
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